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Vaccination coverage survey after a meningitis mass vaccination campaign in Gombe state. Nigeria

  • 2009/01/12
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Following the largest meningitis epidemic in Nigeria since 1996, MSF, working in conjunction with the Nigerian and Gombe State Ministry of Health and WHO, supported case management and drug donations in addition to the vaccination of over 500,000 people in all 11 local government areas (LGA) comprising Gombe State. Administrative coverage for the target population (2-30 years of age) was estimated at 64.8%. Epicentre has been tasked with a running a Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) survey to better understand the vaccination coverage in the supported wards, specifically to identify areas (wards) with low vaccination coverage, defined a priori as <70% coverage of the vaccination target group, to provide an overall coverage estimate for the 60 wards included in the mass vaccination campaign, broken down by gender, age groups (2-4, 5-14 and 15-30), as well as to describe the reasons for non vaccination and provide recommendations.