Job openings

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Job openings

Epicentre recruits people in France and abroad for its permanent structures as well as for short missions in the framework of field consultations or support for research projects or training sessions.

Job positions

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Study coordinator (M/F) based in Ndhiwa- Kenya

Deadline of application : 23rd of July 2018


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Short-term consultant position

Epicentre recruits epidemiologists on a regular basis to conduct short-term consultancies (3 to 8 weeks average duration) in Epicentre's areas of expertise. Please check the attached PDF for more information.


                                                             Only online applications will be processed .


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As senior or associate investigators, their main mission is to conduct studies, which means designing and drafting the study protocol, breaking it down for its implementation in the field, analyzing the collected data and writing and publishing study reports. Providing written and oral communication on results through various journals, conferences or seminars is an inherent task related to this position.

Epidemiologists also play an advisory role in their fields of interest and competence, especially for the medical directors of MSF sections.

They also participate in the training conducted by Epicentre for field personnel.


Statisticians develop statistical methodology during the research protocol design phase (calculation of sample sizes, definition of analysis plans). They analyze data and participate in the interpretation of the results. They collaborate in the development of standard procedures and ensure the validity and quality of results.

They participate in the drafting of study reports.


They are responsible for the laboratory techniques used in studies, from the simplest ones to molecular biology techniques. They ensure compliance to good laboratory practices. They intervene mainly at research bases. They may also serve as senior or associate investigators.

Computer engineers

They develop the software programs necessary for individual or aggregate data collection. They are also led to develop the software specifically for MSF, for example, to manage the activities of consultation, hospitalization or tracking of seropositive patients under treatment in HIV/aids projects.

Other professions

Depending on the nature of the studies, they may call upon other professions (i.e.  psychologists).