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Emerging Filoviral Disease in Uganda: Proposed Explanations and Research Directions

  • 2014/02/10
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  • Articles
  • Polonsky JA
  • Wamala JF
  • de Clerck H
  • Van Herp M
  • Sprecher A
  • Porten K
  • Shoemaker T
  • Others
Outbreaks of Ebola and Marburg virus diseases have recently increased in frequency in Uganda. This increase is probably caused by a combination of improved surveillance and laboratory capacity, increased contact between humans and the natural reservoir of the viruses, and fluctuations in viral load and prevalence in this reservoir. The roles of these proposed explanations must be investigated to guide appropriate responses to the changing epidemiological profile. Other African settings in which multiple filoviral outbreaks have occurred could also benefit from such information.