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Diagnostic accuracy of VIKIA(R) Rota-Adeno and Premier Rotaclone(R) tests for the detection of rotavirus in Niger

  • 2017/10/23
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  • Articles
  • Lagare
  • A.; Moumouni
  • A.; Kaplon
  • J.; Langendorf
  • C.; Pothier
  • P.; Grais
  • R.F.; Issaka
  • B.; Page
  • A.L.
  • Diagnostic
We conducted a parallel evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of VIKIA® Rota-Adeno, a rapid diagnostic test (RDT) and Premier™ Rotaclone® an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) as the reference standard. The study was part of a rotavirus surveillance project in Niger.
The sensitivity of both tests was 80.7%. After exclusion of one indeterminate result by visual reading, the specificity of the Premier™ Rotaclone® was 100% by visual or optical density readings and that of VIKIA® Rota-Adeno test was 95.5%. Inter-reader agreement was excellent for both tests (kappa = 1). Our results showed almost similar performance of the EIA and RDT when compared to RT-PCR. Hence, the VIKIA® Rota-Adeno could be a good alternative for use in peripheral health centres where laboratory capacity is limited.